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Focus On BroadWay During PSCE Conference

Focus on BroadWay during PSCE Conference

On 19 January 2021, the first day of PSCE’s two-day bi-annual conference, the lead contractors of the three supply teams currently participating in the second phase (Prototype Development) of the BroadWay pre-commercial procurement (PCP) project – Airbus DS SLC, Leonardo S.p.A. and Frequentis AG, were each invited to give a presentation on their concept and progress to participants.  

The BroadWay PCP, which officially started in May 2018, is driven by 11 buyers from 11 Member States who share a common need for a pan-European interoperable mobile system for PPDR. The PCP is a competitive process, governed by EU rules and legislation, designed to compare different approaches to the buyers’ common needs on a phased basis – and to eventually select the supply teams that best address this challenge.  

You can view each of the supply team’s videos and presentations from the PSCE conference, which is preceded by a short introductory presentation from David Lund, the Coordinator of the BroadWay project. You can watch each presentation below: 

  • Airbus DS SLC’s presentation, given by Eric Davalo, Vice President of Strategic Development at Airbus DS SLC, emphasised that BroadWay is critical to all Europe countries and as it is driven by end-user needs in security and public safety; it is key to have an operational solution that is not too complex for those already dealing with stressful situations. 
  • Leonardo S.p.A.‘s presentation given byClaudio Becchetti, Head of Product, Services and Solutions Portfolio, at Leonardo S.p.A. stressed the importance of going from technology to operations, with an emphasis on standards. 
  • Frequentis AG’s presentation, given by Charlotte Roesener, New Business Development Manager at Frequentis AG, emphasised their target of delivering a transparent and seamless operational solution that allows safety-critical communication all over Europe. 

The next stage of the PCP is the technical evaluation of the three prototypes developed coupled with a practitioner assessment of the usability of the solutions, due in spring 2021.  

You can also review the presentations of the PSCE conference here, which had a total of 25 speakers, covering topical focus for the Public Safety sector. 

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