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BroadWay Request For Tenders

On 19 February 2019 the BroadWay team launched a Request for Tenders to procure a system which will enable a Pan-European interoperable broadband system for Public Safety. The official Contract notice can be found on this link.

Crime and disasters are not limited to fixed geographical borders, and there is a necessity for European first-responders to be able to communicate, share and access information regardless of the country they intervene in. This is the challenge tackled by the BroadWay project, a team consisting of 11 procurers from 11 European countries which have come together to procure innovation activity to enable a pan-European broadband mobile system for Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR).

Webinar and Briefing Event

Two events have been organised to respond to questions related to the tender submission.

  • A webinar at 1300 CET on 15th March 2019
  • A Briefing Event 1000-1600 26th March 2019 in central Brussels, Belgium
  • An update for suppliers to explain clarifications and answers to questions

All briefing materials can be found by Clicking Here

What's Next?

When the Request for Tenders is closed on 22nd August 2019, the Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) process will be executed in three phases, Solution Design, Solution Prototype and Pilot. Pre-commercial procurement challenges industry to develop innovative solutions for public sector needs and it provides a first customer reference that enables companies to create a competitive advantage on the market.

The first phase of the pre-commercial procurement process is a feasibility study of the selected technologies and proposals. Then, a selection of the most promising concepts will be developed into well-defined prototypes and lab-tested in phase two. The third phase aims to verify and compare the first end-products in real-life situations.

R&D does not include quantity production or supply to establish the commercial viability or to recover R&D costs. It also excludes commercial development activities such as incremental adaptations, routine or periodic changes to existing products, services, production lines, processes or other operations in progress, even if such changes may constitute improvements.

Any Questions?

All communication and questions concerning the tender submission, its format and/or content should be addressed via the contact page on this website. For transparency reasons all questions will be answered for the benefit of all potential suppliers. Please see our Questions and Answers page.

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