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Use Case Scenarios

The following describes a number of example scenarios where the BroadWay solution is vital to support communication during complex pan-European events

Rescue operation – Barge of Irregular Migrants

A barge of irregular migrants needs urgent rescue action based on safety of life at sea.  The vessel is drifting without steering with about 300 migrants on-board 100 Nm from the shore, in the Gulf of Cadiz. It will be a joint rescue operation by Portugal and Spain.

Rescue operation – A Cruising ship on fire at Adriatic Sea

A cruise ship bound from Brindisi (Italy) to Patras (Greece) with 1500 passengers on board has a fire on-board.  The position is 40 miles east from Corfu.  The mission principles are the same as the previous case – only the number of proceeding merchant vessels will be added to the case.

Following a “go fast” drug convoy from south of Spain to Germany

Spanish anti-drug investigation services gained intelligence about a go-fast convoy starting from Malaga.  The presumed destination is Hamburg (Germany).  The vehicle is driving via southern France to Germany via Belgium and Holland. The original group from Spain moves to be active in countries where the convoy is, at that moment.

Heavy Truck and Tourist Bus collision at Finnish-Norwegian border

During the last years, tourism in northern Finland has increased rapidly.  Despite arctic conditions, tourist groups are moving also during the winter season across the Norwegian border towards Nordkapp.  During the Arctic winter, the driving conditions vary and can be extremely difficult. After collision of a heavy truck and a tourist bus, a joint rescue operation by Finland and Norway has begun. Land rescue forces and paramedic helicopter are used.

Database queries from other EU country’s PPDR organization

It is quite common that a Police Organisation needs to rapidly identify a second nationality person or vehicle. In many cases this is usually done by making a phone call or an email to the specific point e.g. SIRENE offices, which are acting as NCP for the Schengen information system. Quite often, other contact points are used for practical reasons (language, personal contacts etc.).

The queries can be made quickly by integration to national databases and Schengen Information System (SIS). One option to access with a mobile client could be the integration straight to the SIS central database via SpiceNet Services.

Natural Disaster – Forest Fire

A huge forest fire has been raging for several days in a Southern Europe country A. Countries B and C agree to send each two water bombers to provide backup to the firefighters of country A. Planes and technical teams are based on a field one hundred kilometres away from the fire. Joint operation of countries A, B and C will use voice but also will exchange geographical information of fire propagation and local status including local environmental analysis data.

VIP protection and escort on high level summit in Brussels

Every year, several European Summits are organized in Brussels where heads of state or government of EU member states meet each other. These heads of state arrive at Brussels using different types of transportation, where some are surrounded by bodyguards and security people using satellite or radio communications systems, or even sometimes a combination of these with cellular or landline configurations.  In this use case, there can be several partners from different European Countries. The idea is that bodyguards and security people use all the time their own radio without any disruption when crossing the borders and without any additional intervention to change settings on their radio.

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