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BroadWay Pilot #1 - Ljubljana (Slovenia)

More than 45 practitioners (firemen, medical emergency units, police, volunteers) from across Europe and beyond were gathered on June 8th 2022 in Ljubljana, Slovenia as part the Forest Fire Trial of the H2020 BroadWay project. The Trial was preceded by a full training day on the 7th and a debriefing and succeeded by a debriefing session on the 9th in the morning.

During this first in a series of three trials taking in June-July 2022, members of the BroadWay Practitioners Evaluation Team (PEVT) tested the solution developed by the AIRBUS-led consortium to enable a Pan-European Mobile Network for Public Safety services. To achieve this, practitioners and collaborators from supporting locations in Italy, Netherlands, Latvia, France and Norway were involved and maintained seamless communication with practitioners present at the main Trial location in Ljubljana.

The feedback collected will feed on to the prototypes development and improve the solutions. Stay tuned for the next pilot on June 29th and 30th in Kerkrade, The Netherlands.

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