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Practitioner Evaluation Team

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Scope of Activity

The BroadWay Practitioner Evaluation Team (PEVT)  is initially represented by those who provided letters of support to our original proposal to the European Commission.

The PEVT will physically meet at least 4 times during the project with the aim to discuss:

  • The potential use of the BroadWay system
  • To consider detail and priority of end user (practitioner) requirements as originally defined in BroadMap.
  • Definition of real-world evaluation scenarios for the final BroadWay pilot system, building on those described here.
  • A methodology for practitioner evaluation, including key criteria that will be used to evaluate the BroadWay pilot and the
  • To begin to consider how operational procedures may adapt to the new potential for international and cross border cooperation

Impact on the PCP Procurement Phases

The PEVT will influence the scope of the BroadWay objectives as suppliers move beyond the design phase and prepare for the prototype and pilot phases of the PCP.

Evaluation of the BroadWay Pilot

During the final pilot evaluation, the PEVT will use the methodology and criteria to assess the utility of the pan-European interoperable broadband pilot from a public safety operations perspective. This is primarily a non-technical evaluation focused entirely on the practical use of the system.

Practitioner Evaluation Team Meetings

The following telcos and  physical meetings of PEVT are expected :

  • 23rd January 2019 – Brussels
  • 13th February 2020 – Dublin
  • September 2020, Wurzberg, Germany – replaced by Telco
  • Monthly Telco’s for Practitioner Evaluation Preparation
  • April/May 2021 – Prototype Evaluation Dry Run
  • October-May 2021 – Pilot Evaluation Preparations
  • June/July 2022 – Pilot Practitioner Evaluation

Specific dates of physical meetings will be communicated 2 months in advance.

Impact on the the Final Evaluation of Solutions

The PEVT evaluation results will be delivered to the BroadWay Group of Procurers, who will collectively make the final acceptance decision on the TRL8 pilot solutions.

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This report presents the outcome of the PEVT meeting held  in Dublin on February 13th 2020

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