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Tendering Guide

Deadline for receipt of Tenders is 22nd August 2019 @ 1200 NOON CEST

Forms A-E are an integral part of the tender documents. All forms must be filled in and signed in order to submit the tender.

In order to submit an eligible tender, the tenderer must download the five Annex forms, which are available on and the project website. After filling in and signing all the forms, the tenderer must submit them electronically by uploading them via the e-platform of the Belgian Federal Government on by 22 August 2019 12.00 CEST at the latest.

The use of these forms is mandatory. Tenderers that do not use these templates or do not submit all of them will be excluded.

Please send any questions concerning the tender documents to The deadline for sending questions is 18 June 2019.

Tenderers are requested to carefully read all the information contained in Appendix 4: Electronic Submission of the BroadWay Tender regarding the e-tendering process on

In particular, please familiarize yourself with the information and support manuals available on as mentioned in Appendix 4, which include:

Please send any questions concerning the use of the e-procurement applications to or by phone: +32 2 740 80 00.


This form is designed to gather information about the tenderer.

As stated in TD1-RFT section 4.3, Tenderers are required to complete and submit with their Tender the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) attached at Annex A – ESPD.

The ESPD is also available on, which may be completed and downloaded by Tenderers.

Alternatively, Tenderers may submit and ESPD which has already been used in a previous procurement procedure PROVIDED THAT they confirm that:

  • The information contained in it continues to be correct; and
  • That they satisfy the Selection and Compliance Criteria for this completion as set out in sections 5.3 and 5.4 of TD1.
  • The additional Parts VI-IX of the ESPD are completed as appropriate.



The Administrative Section includes compliance with the following requirements:


Technical Offer: Annex B

Tenderers must include a detailed Technical Offer for Phase 1. This form must be used to describe the tenderer’s technical offer, including project management and project team, impact on challenge, technical quality of the solution and commercial feasibility. Please follow the instructions in Annex B and TD1-RFT section 4.5.


Financial Offer and Cost Breakdown: Annex C

Tenderers must include a detailed Financial Offer for Phase 1.

The Financial Offer is divided into the following sections:

  • Cost breakdown Phase 1 – Solution Design (binding prices)
  • Cost breakdown Phase 2 – Solution Prototype (estimated prices)
  • Cost breakdown Phase 3 – Pilot (estimated prices)
  • Binding unit prices (Phase 1 + Phase 2 + Phase 3)

Please follow the instructions in Annex C, D and TD1-RFT section 4.6 and complete the Financial Offer with the budget related to the cost breakdown per Phase.

Note that each cost breakdown budget per Phase is divided in the following categories:

– A. Personnel cost

– B. Materials and equipment cost

– C. Subcontracting

– D. Other costs

(d) Financial Offer Phase 1: Annex D

Tenderers provide the offer requested for Phase 1 in accordance with the cost breakdown described in Annex C.


Official Language Selection Form: Annex E

Tenderers must indicate their choice of official language. Please follow the instructions in Annex E and TD1-RFT section 6.4. It can be completed by the Lead Tenderer.

Tenderers must indicate a language of choice for official purposes.

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