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BroadWay Face 2 Face Meeting With Contractors In Dublin

BroadWay Face 2 Face meeting with contractors in Dublin

A two day meeting of supplier presentations on 11-12 February in Dublin marks a further step in the BroadWay Design Phase (Phase 1), at which the 4 selected consortia led by ROHILL, LEONARDO, AIRBUS and FREQUENTIS will attend. The consortia, each of which signed a Framework Agreement in early October 2019, are presenting the technical progress of their solutions to the BroadWay group of procurers, which is composed of representatives of 11 public safety practitioners from 11 European countries.

Each session of 3 hours per consortium is subdivided into three phases: presentation of the technical solution by the consortium representative, internal discussions between the group of procurers about the presented solution, feedback from the group of procurers and open discussion to the consortium representatives . The agenda, spanning over two-days, is organised as follows:
• 11 February AM (9h-12h) -> Presentation of the technical solution led by Leonardo
• 11 February PM (13h-16h) -> Frequentis
• 12 February AM (9h-12h) -> Airbus
• 12 February PM (9h-12h) -> Rohill

The Design Phase will run until April 2020, when suppliers will be undergo further monitoring, after which only selected suppliers will be invited to compete in a mini-competition for Phase 2 (Prototype Phase). The full schedule is available here.

Check out the interview videos of representatives from each consortium!

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