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2nd Practitioner Evaluation Team Meeting In Dublin

2nd Practitioner Evaluation Team Meeting in Dublin

The 2nd Practitioner Evaluation Team (PEVT) Meeting took place in Dublin on February 13th 2020 gathering more than 30 practitioners from 11 EU countries. Since BroadWay is aimed at enabling cross-border communication between first-responders, practitioner involvement is key for the sound development of the project.

The PEVT meetings are being conducted and coordinated by the German Red Cross, which presented the programme and allowed the different participants to introduce themselves. This was followed by a brief introduction by Max Brandt, Project Officer of BroadWay (European Commission) and a talk by David Lund, BroadWay coordinator.

This was followed by a presentation from guest speaker Graham Tait (Systems Officer at Fire & Rescue Services New South Wales) who shared its experience and knowledge in managing the recent bush fires in Australia.

In the afternoon, practitioners split into smaller groups to define real world evaluation scenarios (KPIs & Research Questions) for trialing the BroadWay solution. This was built on the different scenarios described here.

The next PEVT meeting will take place in September 2020 (teleconference).

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