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Two Important Events For BroadWay Next Week In Dublin!

Two important events for BroadWay next week in Dublin!

Two important events are taking place next week in Dublin for BroadWay!

Face to face meetings between contractors and procurers (11-12 February)

As part of the monitoring process in Phase 1 (design), the 4 successful consortia, respectively led by Leonardo, Rohill, Frequentis & Airbus will individually present their ideas and get feedback from the BroadWay group of procurers. This is an intermediary step in phase one, which will terminate on April 17th at which point contractors will be notified whether they have been successful in accessing the next phase (prototype).

2nd PEVT meeting (13 February)

The BroadWay Practitioner Evaluating Team is a versatile group of practitioners which are gathering during the lifetime of the project (online and face to face meetings) to discuss:

  • The potential use of the BroadWay system
  • To consider detail and priority of end user (practitioner) requirements as originally defined in BroadMap.
  • Definition of real-world evaluation scenarios for the final BroadWay pilot system
  • A methodology for practitioner evaluation, including key criteria that will be used to evaluate the BroadWay pilot
  • To begin to consider how operational procedures may adapt to the new potential for international and cross border cooperation

More information and material will follow, stay tuned!

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