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The BroadWay Tender Deadline Has Been Extended

The BroadWay Tender deadline has been extended

BroadWay has received an incredible level of interest:  more than 140 registrations and downloads of our Request for Tender. More than 80 attended both of our online and briefing/partnering events, representing more than 60 innovative organisations. More than 55 questions have been raised which further demonstrates the level of interest, but also represents the difficulty of understanding the Pre Commercial Procurement (PCP) instrument.

BroadWay is the first PCP programme in the security sector, so all involved are learning.

This new (PCP) process is clearly taking some time to understand with many questions relating to Intellectual Property Rights, agility within consortia and place of performance and subcontractor requirements. 

The BroadWay Group of Procurers has therefore made a decision to extend the deadline for receipt of tenders. This deadline is now set to :

Thursday 22nd August 2019 1200CEST.

The official erratum has been accepted by Belgian e-procurment today, and will appear through official channels (OJEU/TED) early next week.

The Questions and and Answers period is reopened with a deadline of 18th June 2019.

Clarifications have been made which simplify the tendering process:

  • A minimal team is possible in the design phase, allowing teams to be expanded later for prototype and pilot phases
  • Documentation regarding eligibility of partners is only required before they start work. Therefore, you only need to include documentation for those involved in the design phase, in your tender.
  • IPR rights are further highlighted, indicating the benefit where suppliers keep their IPR

Your minimum eligible team to be included in you tender is:

  • Mobile and/or Satellite Operator (lead, partner or subcontractor)
  • Independent and Impartial Test and Evaluation (subcontractor(s)) including:
    • Test and Validation (including Security Assurance)
    • Practitioner Evaluation Support

Please note that subcontractors can be included in more than one tender.

During the design phase you will have time to engage more partners to bring extra skills and capabilities that are needed to build prototypes to address all of the BroadWay objectives.

Feedback from potential suppliers also cites difficulty to find consortia to join. We will hold two further events:

  • On 4th June, we will hold a facilitated workshop where suppliers can meet and discuss with each other to build their tendering teams.
  • On 11thJune, we will hold another update webinar for potential suppliers.

Details of both events will be communicated separately.

Please remember that we would like to place up to 5 teams on contract for the design phase. Tendering is simplified, so please get involved.

Kind Regards,

BroadWay Secretariat

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