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BroadWay At The 3rd I4CM / 3-4 September In Warsaw

BroadWay at the 3rd I4CM / 3-4 September in Warsaw

BroadWay will be presented at the occasion of the 3rd Innovation For Crisis Management (I4CM) event, taking place on 3-4 September 2018 at the Copernicus meeting centre, in Warsaw, Poland. Sanja Holen (PSCE) will explain the project, its scope and objectives.

What are the I4CM events?

The Innovation for Crisis Management (I4CM) events aim to contribute to building a shared understanding in Crisis Management through the organisation of an annual event focusing on Crisis Management topics, allowing to address issues of common interest, to develop synergies between initiatives and to discuss the research roadmap for Horizon 2020 and beyond. The event allows local practitioners and solution providers to meet and exchange on best practices and lessons learnt, while providing projects and initiatives with an opportunity to increase their visibility and impact and to liaise with any interested stakeholders, including organisations developping similar projects in other regions of the world. It intends to make projects in the field of Crisis Management accessible to a wider range of external stakeholders in a specific region.

What will be the focus of this edition?

This new edition will focus on standardisation and identified regional-national pressing issues faced by local practitioners such as inter-agencies cooperation and interoperability of communication systems. Furthermore, this edition will give the participants to hear about (1) the initial results of the first Trial organised by DRIVER+, conducted in Warsaw from May 21 to 25, 2018 but also to receive the latest information about the organisation of the second Trial to be organised in Valabre (France) in October 2018.

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