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BroadWay Presented At The IProcureNet Advanced Security Procurement Conference

BroadWay presented at the iProcureNet Advanced Security Procurement Conference

On 10 March 2021, Marie-Christine Bonnamour (PSCE) presented the BroadWay project in a presentation titled “The Need for Operational Mobility for Public Safety” The topic of the conference was “Identifying and anticipating unmet needs”.

About the conference

Innovation and procurement are not goals in itself. They are a response to unmet needs, that need to be identified and anticipated in collaboration with prescribers and end-users.

The iProcureNet Advanced Security Procurement Conference highlights the importance of procurement in facing the challenges of an uncertain future and ensuring resilience through innovation. The event is taking place online over two afternoons (14h30-16h30/17h) on Tuesday 9 March and Wednesday 10 March.

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