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Tender Simplification - Adding/Changing partners during the PCP process

Following feedback gathered from our RFT briefing events, it has become apparent that the complexity of tendering to cover all three phases of the PCP should be simplified. It is especially recognised that partners and subcontractors may need to change between phases of the PCP, especially considering the limited budget of the design phase.

In order to simplify the process of preparing your tenders, we have made clarifications to the RFT documents to address this concern (CL14).

Nothing changes with regard to the technical offer (TD1 4.5). However, the assessment requirements of your tenders (section 5.2, exclusion grounds, 5.3. selection criteria, 5.4 compliance criteria) are only applicable to tenderers participating in phase 1.

During the call-off processes, after design and prototype phases, you will be able to add or change members to your consortium provided that exclusion (5.2), selection (5.3) and compliance (5.4) criteria are met.

The lead procurer assumes that the composition of the original consortium reflected in the original tender will remain the same through all phases to cover the scope defined in the original tender.

All consortium members and subcontractors in receipt of funds from BroadWay must comply with the assessment requirements in sections 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4 of TD1 for each Phase of the PCP.

All participating consortium members  must meet these requirements by submitting the required documentation:

  • Appended to Tender,
  • Appended to Offer for call-off Phases 2 & 3.

Those consortium members which have met the assessment requirements and successfully proceed to the next Phase will not have to repeat this step, unless otherwise requested by the Lead Procurer. Assessment forms for new or replacement consortium members will have to be submitted.

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