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Consortium DLead Contractor: Rohill Technologies

General Motivation

PartnerFull nameCountryType
6d76491e199a67f51d96c78cf290e82414a1d93dRohill Technologies B.V (Lead Contractor)The NetherlandsSME
images (4)Strict B.VThe NetherlandsSME
SubcontractorFull nameCountryType
145-1452966_t-mobile-austria-t-mobile-netherlands-logo-hdT-Mobile Netherlands B.VThe NetherlandsLarge company
priocom-logoPrioCom B.VThe NetherlandsSME
Genaker-LogoESI Mobile Solutions S.L (Genaker)SpainSME
9-LEVI-NINE-2-640x348Levi9 Global Sourcing Benelux BVThe NetherlandsSME
images (4)Strict Security The NetherlandsSME
logo_pentaPentaTech Sp. Z.o.oPolandSME
Vision relating to the PCP challenge

Rohill, its partner Strict and our subcontractors T-Mobile, PrioCom, Genaker, Druid, Levi9, Strict Security and PentaTech share the same values on open ecosystems and state-of-the-art technologies that are required to achieve best-in-class interoperability solutions that are secure, reliable and scalable. The consortium is convinced that the PCP Challenge is critical to enable true pan-European mission-critical broadband communications for PPDR organisations without the vendor lock-in issues experienced today.

“The BroadWay challenge is a unique opportunity for Rohill to design, develop and demonstrate standards-based interoperability solutions that match our vision on open, secure and scalable mission-critical communication networks”.

Bert Bouwers, CTO of Rohill

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