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BroadWay – Progress Towards Operational Mobility for Public Safety 

Date 1/12/2020, Brussels

On November 27, 2020, the BroadWay innovation procurement project (pre-commercial procurement) presented its objectives and its intermediary results to the European Commission DGs: DG Echo, DG Home, DG Connect, Defis and Taxud, Agencies: Eu-Lisa, Frontex, the European GNSS Agency, and the European Investment Bank.

It was an opportunity to highlight the need for Operational Mobility for public safety and what it could achieve for PPDR in cross-border and pan-European operations.

Simultaneously as the competitive life cycle of BroadWay progresses, Member States are developing their own national strategies for the deployment of broadband for their critical communications.

The industry has also heavily invested in the development of mobile standards for Mission Critical Services and the development of the BroadWay solutions contribute to catalyse a European industrial ecosystem for PPDR.

The conjunction of these elements, as well as the intermediary results of the BroadWay solutions, currently being developed in Phase 2 (Prototype Solution) by the 3 industrial consortia in competition, is a sign of high confidence for the success of BroadWay.

For details about the Broadway PCP’s progress, please click here:

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PSCE’s next conference will be held online on 19-20 January, discussing further the topic of Space Applications for PPDR, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security and how PPDR organisations are adapting to our Climate Emergency. You can register here:

The BroadWay Project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and development programme under Grant Agreement No. 786912.

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