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BroadWay National Stakeholder Demonstration - 7th June 2021 1000-1300 CEST

On the 7th June we will hold a briefing and demonstration event for national ministries and agencies of countries who are not represented in the BroadWay Group of Procurers (GoP). 

In order to build a pan-European system of systems, we must reach a critical mass at the political level across Europe, so as to reach the most effective political support at the level of the EU institutions.

This briefing and demonstration  event will include

  • a project briefing (delivered by us)
  • 3  individual 30min presentation/demonstrations (inc QA) from each supply team, Airbus, Leonardo, Frequentis. 
  •  a private discussion between our national delegates and European Commission

This short event will provide an insight into the work and progress of BroadWay, and what to expect from the pilot systems when they are ready in just over a year’s time.

We also plan for BroadNet which will realise the outcome of BroadWay as a live capability to offer production use of operational mobility for our European Responders.

Members of the BroadWay Group of Procurers are currently preparing towards BroadNet. We invite National stakeholders to  join this activity and help shape the governance structure for BroadNet to ensure that the interests of all European countries are considered.

Please join this event if you are from a Ministry or Agency in your country that is responsible for providing mobile communications for responders in your country.

Details of how to join our sustainability team that are preparing for BroadNet will be provided during the event.

Further details

Current communication technology used by public safety allows voice calls and short data. The exchange of valuable rich data e.g. photos, videos, maps, etc is not easily achievable with the current technology used. Commercial mobile is available to us all, to use wherever we are, but is not secure or reliable enough, and does not easily support the working procedures of responders and other practitioners in a harmonised way.

DG Home challenged the public safety community in 2015 to gather and validate requirements for a pan-European Mobile Broadband system to improve mobile communications for public safety responders. The BroadMap project informed the need for a pre-commercial procurement (PCP) to explore the technological possibility to realise this capability gap.

The BroadWay PCP began in 2018 bringing together 11 government/agency buyers in 11 member states. They are each responsible for public safety mobile communication in their country, collectively representing 1.4Million European Responders.

BroadWay is currently in its second PCP phase with prototypes being developed by Airbus, Leonardo and Frequentis, due to be evaluated in May 2021. Funding is available for subsequent selection of the best 2 prototypes to be converted to live TRL8 pilots for evaluation in early 2022. Phase 3 is currently do to begin in October 2021.

Operational Mobility will improve the capability of responder practitioners to carry out their crucial role as a life saver, medical responder, crime fighter, fire fighter, border guard, disaster recovery specialist, etc. There are too many disciplines to mention!

Operational Mobility will provide responders with the capability to communicate

  • wherever they are in Europe,
  • whenever they need to, and
  • with whoever they should most efficiently collaborate.

Communication must be trustworthy, secure and available whenever and wherever needed.

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