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Supplier Registration and Partnering

Please fill this form to register your interest in BroadWay. We will use this information to gather an understanding of who is interested and to keep in contact with you, as our procurement process proceeds.

We expect consortia of suppliers to submit to our tender process, so we offer an opportunity for you to give us permission to share some of your details to a public list to allow those building teams to learn about your capabilities. We won’t release your contact details publicly, but we will share them privately with anyone who requests your details according to your consent expressed in this form.

We do not accept any responsibility of entering such information with this tool.

All data provided by a company will be handled confidentially, unless statutory obligations demand the publication of this data and/or the company agrees with the publication of the provided data.

All ideas submitted by industry will be treated as Commercial in Confidence. No part of these will be made public. However, relevant insights (shared openly by industry during the various OMC events) are subject to publication and may be used by procuring entities to shape future strategies.

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