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Are you a supplier of innovative solutions ?

Would you like to contribute to our challenge ?

BroadWay offers a risk sharing opportunity for mobile operators and innovative technology suppliers to explore both the technical provision and business case for mission critical broadband services, working closely with 11 governments/agencies representing public safety responder practitioners in 11 countries.

BroadWay will procure innovation using the Pre-Commerical Procurement model. The first step is an Open Market Consultation. We invite innovative suppliers to tell us about themselves and what they can contribute to the BroadWay vision. Please register using the buttons to the right.

Open Market Consultation Briefing events and Questionnaire

During our briefing events, you will hear from the BroadWay Coordination Team about the details of our challenge and how the Pre-Commercial Procurement processes shall work. You will have the opportunity to ask questions to clarify any details as required. There will be networking opportunities to help build your consortia.

We ask you to provide your input to our questionnaire. This is is designed to help us to understand the opinions and capability of suppliers who are ready to innovate for the benefit of the public safety community. Read further below for more details.

Learn more about our Open Market Consultation by clicking here.


Briefing Meetings


Dates for our Open Market Consultation briefing events are planned as follows:

2 Webinars were held on:

20th July & 9th August

Please click here to view the recording.

A Briefing, Consultation and Networking Event was held in Brussels on:

13th September

Please click here to view the materials presented.



Solution Suppliers

The following provides a non-exhaustive list of potential suppliers that could contribute designs to address our common challenge, to be funded to develop prototypes and pilot their solutions, and to explore the business eco-system for mission critical broadband for public safety.

Mobile Operator, Satellite or other provider of comms coverage

Mobile Infrastructure Vendors

Terminal Suppliers

Mission Critical Services

Mission Critical Applications

Security Architect

Suppliers of Technical Validation capabilities and Practitioner Evaluation support

The following provides a non-exhaustive list of potential suppliers that could contribute innovation in test and evaluation capabilities.

Test Equipment Vendor

Communication Stack Developers

Testing Services

Security Assurance

Practitioner Evaluation Support

Please Note: It is not mandatory to register or take part in our Open Market Consultation. You will still be eligible to submit a tender. However, it is highly recommended to join this activity and be part of the discussion that will shape our Pre-Commercial Procurement.

Who should take part ?

BroadWay has a huge ambition which is unlikely to be achieved by any single supplier. We intend to procure innovation activity to deliver potential solutions to our common challenge. We will also procure innovative capabilities to assist with the technical validation and practitioner evaluation of these solutions.

The lists below identify the classes of supplier who may be interested to take part.

This is not an exclusive list and we’ll be keen to hear from any supplier which can address aspects of our common challenge.

Partnership Building

You may already know your partners, or you may have a gap in your team. Please check on our partnering page to see other organisations that have already registered.

Why take part ?

BroadWay is a team of procurers and public safety responder practitioners. Your capability and innovations will be placed directly in front of those responsible for buying, operating and using mobile broadband for public safety.

  • Our buyers team represent at least 1.4Million users (current estimation) which will surely rise with lower cost and more capable solutions compared to current incumbent narrowband technology.
  • The global market place for broadband is estimated to be in the region >€100 billions
  • Our procuring partners are also considering their national transition to broadband. Your capability and innovations will be directly placed into the hands of those who will plan their national transition to broadband.
  • The best solutions will be tested and showcased in an international pan-European pilot.
  • Nations around the world are already watching to see how BroadWay and the innovative solutions that are developed will make a difference to the global challenge to improve resilience in the face of adversity.
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